I believe a diverse selection of races offers players the opportunity to explore new social roles. The races presented here are those most commonly found in Xotamen, which is by no means a comprehensive list. To adequately represent the exotic variety of playable races, I am also allowing players to create entirely new races. Just as with Backstory, I expect new races to be well thought out; any new race requires a cultural identity and biological form that sparks the imagination yet doesn’t provoke our suspension of disbelief. All races that are thinly veiled attempts to break the game are, of course, forbidden.

Example: “They’re just like humans, but with six arms.” This is clearly an attempt to create a character that dominates combat encounters, since they could attack with six weapons in the same round that all other races can only attack with two. Six swords devastates in melee, but the prospect of six pistols or six offensive wands would surely overthrow any threat. Also, what do they call themselves? What’s their history, their culture? How does having six arms change the daily lives of your typical six-armed humanoid?

I also want races to be very different from each other. You’ll notice that I haven’t included many of the Tolkien-styled races in the list below; you won’t find any elves, dwarves, or halflings. In my opinion, their iconic racial qualities do not define them as worthy of a new racial description. If you want to play as one of them, you get to be a culturally identical Human. Similarly, I won’t approve of any new race that appears to be a variation on those listed below.

That being said, I’m always willing to help you develop or modify new racial concepts.


The most prolific of the playable races, humanity has spread to every corner of the world. Although the global majority, their numerous ancestries, cultures, and factions keep them from uniting under a common banner. It was they that eventually created the Breeded and the Crafted.

  • Versatility: Humans begin with one free Edge of their choice.

Folklore suggests it was a union between humans and animals that gave birth to the first Breeded. Reputable historians instead credit some powerful ancient ritual, but cannot agree on who invented or performed it. Regardless, Breeded are large animal hybrids, mixing traits such as fur, scales, and even wings.

Cataur: The dangerous mountains surrounding the Heartlands are home to few creatures, with none more cunning and tenacious than the Cataur. With the body of a snow leopard and a humanoid upper torso, these cousins to the Centaur are trained from birth to explore the cold wildereness or serve as loyal bodyguards.
Creator: Inverella Moonpath

  • Four Feet of Fury: Cataur have a Pace of 8 and can attack with their front claws for Str+d6 damage.
  • Furred: Cataur gain a +4 bonus against cold environmental effects.
  • Hard to Train: Smarts requires two points per step to raise during character creation, or two Advances to raise during game play.
  • Hidden Sentry: Cataur are bred for staying out of sight in the wild mountain ranges. They have a free d6 in Stealth and Survival.
  • Keen Hearing: Cataur gain a +2 bonus on Notice rolls made to hear.
  • Slave Race: As with all Breeded, Cataur suffer a -2 Charisma.

Eaglian: While not the first successful Breeded to successfully fly, they are by far the most popular. Their regal stature and piercing stare make them favorite playthings of noble houses.
Creator: Yarpyr Blackwind
* Bird Stature: Due to their small stature and hollow bones, Eaglians suffer a -2 Toughness
* Flight: Eaglians can fly at Pace 10 and can “run.” It costs 2" of pace to gain 1" of height.
* Bird-Sighted: Due to their superior vision, Eaglians gain a +2 Notice rolls to see.
* Quick Maneuvering: Eaglians start with a d6 Agility.
* Slave Race: As with all Breeded, Eaglians suffer a -2 Charisma.

Lizardfolk: Resembling small, thick-scaled dinosaurs, Lizardfolk are one of the least mutated Breeded on the market. As such, numerous aesthetic differences mark various attempts to perfect the marsh hunter, with no single species more popular than another. Many mages claim to have created the first Lizardfolk, but this has become a running joke among the established Breeded creators.
Creator: Unknown
* Cool Blooded: Because of their cooler-than-mammilian blood, Lizardfolk suffer a -4 to resist cold.
* Swamp Thang: Because of life in the swamp, the Lizardfolk start with a free d6 in Swim and an immunity to disease.
* Chameleon-skinned: The Lizardfolk retain the ability to adapt their skin color to their environment. They start with a free d6 in Stealth.
* 360 Vision: The chameleon eyes of a Lizardfolk swivel to allow them to see in all directions.


Also referred to as Artificial Humanoids, Crafted are animate matter given sentience. They are creatures of complicated scientific design with replaceable parts surrounding a single powered torso, created for endless manual labor.

  • Construct: Crafted add +2 to recover from being shaken, don’t suffer wound modifiers, and are immune to poison and disease. Crafted cannot heal naturally. To heal a Crafted requires a Repair skill – which is used like the Healing skill only with no “Golden Hour.” Crafted require no air, food, water, or sleep to function.
  • Outsider: Crafted are seen as tools more than sentient creatures. They subtract 2 from their Charisma when dealing with races other than their own.
  • Replaceable Parts: Items have been made to attach to, or replace, parts of a Crafted. These items require a Repair roll to attach or detach.
  • Unnatural: Magical powers, both detrimental and beneficial, suffer a -2 penalty to affect Crafted. This has no effect on damaging powers, which affect them normally.

Recent events have lead to the discovery of a more peaceful species of intelligent undead, hidden in the darkest corners of Xotamen. Many have banded together into a loose society beneath the ocean, while others hide at the fringes of established civilizations. The living have yet to let go of ancient prejudices.

  • Decomposition: Reborn suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with living creatures. Untrained animals tend to shy away from them, and even the Breeded feel uneasy in their presence.
  • Unliving Body: Reborn add +2 to recover from being shaken, don’t suffer additional damage from called shots, don’t suffer wound penalties, and are immune to poison and disease. Reborn consume raw meat and water for sustenance, but do not require air or sleep to function.

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