As a rule of thumb, ignore the minor hassles of equipment upkeep. Don’t worry about:

  • Food and water: Unless you’re planning a long walk through the desert, you are assumed to have enough rations on hand to prevent starvation.
  • Mundane ammunition: You are assumed to have enough arrows, bolts, or bullets to function.
  • Minuscule costs: Anything worth less than 1 gold, such as an ale at the tavern, is considered a minuscule cost and should not be deducted from your character sheet. This rule follows common sense: if you buy a drink for the pretty lass in the bar, it’s a minuscule cost. On the other hand, a cheap ale for everyone at the bar may cost a gold or two, even though each much isn’t worth individually tracking.
  • Carrying capacity: Don’t keep track of the weight of your regular equipment and gear. Unless your Strength score is abysmal, you are assumed to be able to carry all of your regular stuff around with you at no penalty. However, this rule does not apply for anything that is not considered your normal gear. When you start to carry around large statues, fallen party members, or full treasure chests, you also start worrying about your carrying capacity.

However, the twists and turns of plot override these shortcuts. For example, you may run out of food or ammunition if you haven’t seen a civilized town or a traveling merchant for a long time. Similarly, you’d be hard pressed to use your bow when a thief has stolen your quiver of arrows. Regular rules for starvation, dehydration, and ammunition would therefore take effect. Don’t worry, these circumstances are very rare.

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