Name: Abiax
Gender: Male
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Mind
Favored Weapon: Guisarme
Description: Master Cerebromancer Abiax, a mortal, had been offered deityhood by End. While he is little-known in the Pantheon by all deities other than End, mages, wizards, and psions praise him not as a god, but as an inspiration. Through Abiax’s treacherous studies, he battled to maintain his wits, a feat few mortals could achieve. It is fabled that his shear will and mind drew End’s eye, though other deities and clerics suspect bribery or other such deals. The harsh reality of the situation, though neither god care to admit it, is that it was indeed Abiax’s will that gained him the position, however, not because it drew attention. Rather, End was unable to kill the man, and instead offered him a place among the gods to cover his shortcomings. Abiax avoids attention, and even moreso confrontation, but can do little to stop it, being a mortal turned god.

Name: Anai
Gender: Female
Domains: Chaos, Creation, Strength
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Description: Anai cares for all things living, paying little attention to the constructs of Zajur. Her mastery of the living form makes her a formidable counterpart to her Artifice and Knowledge peers. She barely stands out in relation to the other deities. She assumes that all who are faithless worship her, for the sake of the living connection.

Name: Aviera
Gender: Female
Domains: Air, Protection
Favored Weapon: Javelin
Description: When Aviera’s mother, Sidiair of the Sun and Fire learned End, Aviera’s father, also bedded Salash of Corruption and Darkness, Sidiair was furious and kept Aviera from End. Aviera was raised as the antithesis of her father, Protection, but became flighty from the lack of paternal influence in her life. She takes her elemental powers more seriously than her protective powers, though still grants divine defense when she sees fit.

Name: End
Gender: Male
Domains: Death, War
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Description: End is less a god of war than he is a record-keeper. To him, war is a means by which to die. He takes no sides, shows no favorites. When it is time for a man’s death, End calmly takes the life in his hands, regardless of any pleaing, promising, or protesting he faces. For his lovers, Sidiair and Salash, End feels little more than mild interest, at best. This apathy deters neither of the women, and their persistence annoys him more often than not. His true passion is for the records he so diligently maintains, removing lives only when necessary.

Name: Jurari
Gender: Male
Domains: Animal, Plant
Favored Weapon: Claw Bracer
Description: As arrogant as a king, Jurari incorrectly believes he’s strongest of deities. Centuries ago, he challenged Tathis, God of Travel, to a foot race spanning the universe. The winner of this race gained Weather among his domains. Mythology states that Jurari ran like the cheetah for a year, then rested for a week. He then ran like the hare, and rested for a week. He flew like the hawk, swam like the shark, and stretched like the vine. However, for all his speed, Jurari could not compete with Tathis’ endurance, and the modest god overtook the prideful. Tathis shows no remorse or empowerment, making him appear, much to Jurari’s agitation, more arrogant than his competitor. This is by no means true.

Name: Oxrick
Gender: Undeclared
Domains: Luck, Madness, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Dire Flail
Description: Oxrick is by far the most random of the deities. There is a small mole on that animal’s left foot. The local taverns always have the best ale on Wednesdays. I swallowed a bug once. Critical hit. His horoscope told him to keep his distance from the plague this week. She had a dream the other day that she was a dragon and her mother was a stamp collector. He doesn’t go to sleep anymore. It is not wise to fear death, for death is inevitable; the fear of Fiend Worms is much more understandable. His arm itches.

Name: Salash
Gender: Female
Domains: Corruption/Destruction, Darkness
Favored Weapon: Whip
Description: Salash cares not for life and light. She is drawn to the morbid as her realm and darkness as her solitude. When companionship is called for, she calls upon End, lusting after his command of death, hoping to harness his power for herself. She shows as much compassion for her son, Wolvan as she does her lover, and again, only calls upon him when she is in need of his power. The longlasting hatred from Sidiair is mere amusment for Salash, for fire and light are powers she has no desire to possess. She longs for all other abilities, but lacks the necessary control.

Name: Salyan
Gender: Female
Domains: Good, Healing, Water
Favored Weapon: Sai
Description: Salyan, once just the goddess of Healing and Water, took place in an ancient battle against Wolvan. The battle raged on, and despite Salyan’s experience, Wolvan was borne to two powerful gods, and she stook no chance. As the divine war neared the end it seemed that her nemesis was sure to win, causing the downfall of those that worshipped her. In a final attempt to save her people, she offered to sacraficed herself to End, resigning to death in exchange for her people’s life. Her sacrafice was noble in the eyes of the all-powerful presence that exists in all gods, and would not be allowed to be carried out. Instead, she was granted the power she needed to bring the fight to a draw, the one weapon that was sure to hold off the maladjusted god: the power over Good. At once, the war grinded to a hault, a stand-off between the two battling gods: a victory for Salyan, a bitter defeat in the eyes of Wolvan. Ever since the battle, Good and Evil have been at odds, in a balance that can be broken by neither.

Name: Sidiair
Gender: Female
Domains: Sun, Fire
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Description: Sidiair’s love of light and fire makes her an easy target for the darker deities, Salash in particular. Their shared affection for End only acted as kindling for the pre-existing hatred. Sidiair loves him for his control over war. She sees it as a fiery act of passion, and death is just an unfortunate side-effect. However, once she learned End had cast her aside for Salash, Sidiair shunned both deities, and raised Aviera, the daughter that End sired, away from him, although she still loves him. Due to this twisted love triangle, Sidiair maintains a distance from End and a hatred for Salash that burns as powerfully as the flames she commands.

Name: Tathis
Gender: Male
Domains: Travel, Weather
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Description: Tathis, the most humble of the deities, rarely understands the potence of his powers. When paired against Jurari in a foot race to the end of the universe for control of the Weather domain, Tathis felt he had nothing to lose in the contest. With his superior knowledge of terrain and survival, Tathis was able to pace himself and earn the right to the domain. Jurari still has not forgiven Tathis.

Name: Wolvan
Gender: Male
Domains: Evil, Undeath
Favored Weapon: Halberd
Description: Wolvan is the son borne to End of Death and Salash of Corruption, the union of these deities taken literally in their offspring. Wolvan finds his father’s work to be just the beginning of his own, and acting not unlike a rebellious teenager, he corrupts the eternal end of life to do his own bidding. End sees Wolvan’s disgusting hobby as a perversion of life, while Salash does little to hide her satisfaction for the young god’s talent, but hopes he focuses his abilities to more noble means, such as plague, famine, and general misery of the living. Wolvan ignores both his parents’ wishes and continues his gruesome ordeal.

Name: Zajur
Gender: Male
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Law
Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick
Description: Zajur is the favored god of the great city Mechanitropolis. He spends eternity experimenting, not figuring out how things work, but finding new reasons as to why they do. Mythology suggests that one such experiment ran awry, and he inadvertently loosed a cog from Mechanus, sending the city spiraling to the material plane. In his haste to return Mechanus to its clockwork functioning, he pushed the released cog to the back of his mind until his task was complete. Upon returning attention to the city, he found that the beings of the material plane had flocked to the fallen city as an area of invention. Zajur was satisfied with the new function of this cog, and left it in the material plane; thus, he left his mark on the plane for these creatures, despite the initial mistake.

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