Doxl Mayne

A naive assassin trying to relearn her past that she has long since forgotten.


Str 10 +0

Con 14 +2

Dex 18 +4

Int 10 +0

Wis 13 +1

Cha 16 +3


AC 11

Fort 14

Ref 18

Will 15


Weapon: Vicious Dagger +1

Weapon: Shuriken

Armor: Leather


(from Doxl’s POV)

Out of darkness, morning arrived.
“Where am I?” Aloud I asked, “More importantly, who?”
Opening heavy eye lids i hadn’t realized were closed the sun of the dawn shone directly into my eyes. “Well, I remember that I’m facing east, yet I cannot remember my own name?” Curiosity drummed inside me.

Lifting my weary body to sit upright, thankfully not to far, as pain in the back of my head almost allowed tears of pain to fall. The land sloped down to the port city high on a cliff, forest stopping just past my waist. Even from my small elevation above it, I could still see the large pit in it’s heart.

Something tugged me to go there.

(will wait for DM’s approval to continue…mostly cuz I just ran out of creative juice)

Doxl Mayne

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