A bold performer bent on avenging the murder of his parents.


Str 8 (-1)

Con 15 (2)

Dex 12 (

Int 15 (2)

Wis 14 (

Cha 18 (4)


AC 17

Fort 14

Ref 15

Will 17


Weapon: Harvey (1 Longsword)

Weapon: Ebony Longbow

Armor: Blue Enchanted Armor +1


Ap’rald grew up like a normal boy with a human father and elf mother. That is, until a group of assassins came in the night and brutally murdered both of his parents while both he and his brother were forced to watch. At age 12, both Ap’rald and his brother were left to fend for themselves. It would seem that the assassins had some semblance of humanity, and spared them. Ap’rald and his brother both had an extreme hate for these assassins, and vowed to eliminate their group from the face of the earth. Ap’rald and his brother survived by roaming from town to town, Ap’rald being a bard, giving him easy work, and his brother being a (to be filled in at a later date, as of yet undecided). They had a semi normal life, until, at the age of 35, the two of them got into a heated argument. This argument was over moving the bodies of their dead parents from their hometown on the border of the desert to the town Ap’rald and his brother had settled in. this argument caused them to split apart, and led to Ap’rald taking both his mother’s Ebony Longbow, and his father’s Blue Leather Armor, from his brother when he left the town they were living in. Ap’rald left in search of a lead in the brutal murder of his parents, while his brother stayed behind. this trek guided Ap’rald to the town of Quivarra, where he met up with the troop he is with now.


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