Xotamen Campaign Setting

A world of mythical wilderness surrounding thriving bastions of civilization, Xotamen is a dangerous place to be for the unwary. Fantastic creations of deranged minds inhabit dark corners of the land and cause more than a fair share of the curious to never be heard from again. Cults dedicated to unpredictable powers perform sacrificial rites in the hopes of cleansing the world. Even the streets teem with a subtle life of their own, rife with deceit, blackmail, and murder.

In spite of the possible dangers, a few adventurous souls return from exotic locals with their arms full of treasure and glory. Although friends have been lost, they bring epic tales of their survival to the masses. Songs woven with mystery and adoration seduce young minds to throw off their father’s mantle and step into the unknown. The possibility of failure is grand, but the rewards one could reap are unimaginable.

Welcome to Xotamen.


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